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Welcome to ShoeBox ShaveShop, purveyors of fine quality Shave Kit for the gourmet shaver. Our world class product lines are selected with the purpose of enhancing your shave and turning shaving from a mundane chore to a gourmet luxury at a reasonable price.

We offer many hard to find products. Please browse around the various sections of the shop to discover many great products On-Sale.

Our products hit price points across the spectrum so you can shave well whatever your budget requirements. So if you are a starving under-grad pinching pennies or a CEO, we strive hard to serve your shaving and skincare needs.

We do have a $15.00 minimum order (not including shipping).

Shipping is by USPS Priority Mail.

International Customers - we offer limited international service. Please see the "About Us" page for more details.

Newbies - before you get down & start using your new kit, we highly recommend you watch the Videos at If a picture is worth a thousand words, a vid is worth a millions & these vids will get you up to speed on how to make lather & how to shave with a double edge or straight razor.

Featured Products

EDWIN JAGGER - Superb ShaveKit & SkinCare from Sheffield EnglandPennillificio OMEGA s.p.aSimpson's Shave Brushes - The LEGEND lives on
Old Progess VULFIXMerkur RazorsIKON Stainless Steel Safety Razors - FOUR Models In Stock !!!
Muehle RazorsFeather ARTIST CLUB - Razors & BladesGillette Double Edge Blades - Click for Our Big Selection
Mitchell's Wool Fat - We Carry The FULL LINE of These Fantastic Products SPEICK - The Sublime Goodness of Rare & Refreshing Alpine HerbsTaylor Of Old Bond Street - A London Tradition Since 1854
PRORASO - Since 1926 - Superb Shave Products from Florence ItalyAcca Kappa - High End ShaveKit & Skincare from ItalyMURRAY & LANMAN - Since 1808 - American Classic Toiletries
RazoRock - Good Stuff from the Great White NorthI COLONIALI - Exquisite  Luxury - Exotic Formularies - ShaveKit & SkinCare DREADNOUGHT - When the beard is tough, the tough go  Dreadnought - There's Nought to Dread
CERA DI CUPRA - Italy's Best SKINCARE Products for Three GenerationsPre De Provence - The Best SHEA BUTTER Skincare from France - We Offer a HUGE Selection Of These Wonderful ProductsRampal Latour - Savionneries Extraordinaire in Provence since 1828 - Simply DIVINE
OLIVELLA - Italy's Premier Virgin Olive Oil  SkinCare Line - SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICINGNESTI DANTE  - Sublime Luxury Soaps from Florence, Italy - SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICINGALPA - Fine AfterShaves & Fragrances from Eastern Europe for the past 100 Years - TREMENDOUS Values at Bargain Prices
FELCE AZZURA - In Every Italian Household - SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICINGBOTOT - ToothPaste and MouthWash - Fit for a King - Louis XV to be preciseGiesen & Forsthoff - Fine Mani/Pedi Tools from SOLINGEN
Our Portfolio of Natural BEECH WOOD Soap Dishes from Italy - 10 Beautiful DesignsBlade Wars - BATTLE PACKS EDGAR CAYCE - Products from The Great American Prophet - for a Holistically Healthier Life
Humphrey's MARAVILLA Witch Hazels - FOUR Vareties & Sensitive Skin Therapy Facial CleansersMONOTHEME Fragrances by Mavive Spa (Venice, Italy) - Superb, Sublime, Italy's BestL'ERBARIO TOSCANO - Sublime Frag's from Tuscany
LUCKY TIGER  - Classic American Toiletries Since 1927PINAUD CLUBMAN - Classic Men's Toiletries Since 1810GABEL's - Ol'Time Barber Shop Back Bar Goodies Since 1932
MASTER After Shave Lotions - Barber Shop Classics Since 1936La Toja - HidroTermal Goodness From the Famed Spanish Spa - We Carry This Line IN DEPTH !ShoeBox ShaveShop T-Shirt - Deluxe with Pocket
Regular price: $27.00
Sale price: $19.00
Soap CommanderSauvecitoPre De Provence No. 63 Men's Collection - Warm, Spicy & Chock Full of Shea
FINE ACCOUTREMENTS - A truly FINE Line of Shave GoodiesYoung Gent's Starter Set-Up
Regular price: $26.35
Sale price: $19.35
Muehle - Fine ShaveCraft from Germany