ALCOLADO GLACIAL - Face Freezer From The Torrid Tropics

ALCOLADO GLACIAL - Face Freezer From The Torrid Tropics
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Product Description

Since 1948, an icy menthol blast from the torrid tropics of the Carribean. Alleged to be the freezing inspiration for the Jamacian Bob Sledders.

An old-time household name in the Caribbean, Alcolado Glacial, the famous AIR CONDITIONER IN A BOTTLE, is much more than just a splash. Its icy menthol fragrance refreshes from head to toe.

The high quality of the lotion is derived from its high alcohol content (76%), menthol and other essential oils. The secret formulation of these ingredients results in a highly refreshing potion.

Alcolado Glacial is not just one of the world's best face freezing after-shaves, it is a tremendously versatile product with many other uses such as:

Headache/Fever: By applying a handkerchief wet with Alcolado Glacial on the forehead, the cooling effect can be compared to the previously used ice blocks. With Alcolado Glacial it smells nice too. The menthol fragrance is associated with medicinal effects.

Refresher: Islanders splash it over their body to feel refreshed and invigorated (combination alcohol and menthol).

Mosquito bites: Splash Alcolado Glacial on body after mosquito bites. Many splash it on to prevent mosquito bites.

After Bath: Alcolado Glacial is not a long-lasting perfumed body lotion. Many people use it after a bath because it feels so nice and INVIGORATING.

Massage/Rubbing: It smells healthy!

Make-up Remover: It removes make-up too!

In Curacao, Alcolado Glacial is used by many for cleaning purposes also. Clean and sanitize telephones, window glass, mirrors, etc. Alcohol cleanses well, everybody knows that but it does not smell nice as Alcolado Glacial does!

Ingredients: SD alcohol no. 40B (76%), menthol, fragrance, water, FDC Blue no. 1: FDC Yellow no. 5.

A must have product for Men Of Menthol.

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Made by Curacao Laboratories Ltd. at the Chobolobo Mansion, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles.

Please note that due to the high alcohol content, the inner seals of AG almost always fail so there may be a bit of leakage in transit.